ACO Name and Location
Arkansas Health Network, LLC
2 St. Vincent Circle
Little Rock, AR 72205

ACO Primary Contact
Bob Sarkar, MBA FACHE

Composition of ACO:

  • Network of individual practices of ACO professionals
  • Hospital employing ACO professionals

ACO Participants
  • Arkansas Urology, P.A.
  • Edwin N. Barron Jr. MD PA 
  • Hearne Family Practice
  • Mercy Clinic Hot Springs Communities 
  • Radiology Associates, P.A. *
  • St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center 
  • St. Vincent Medical Group 
  • The Woman’s Clinic, P.A.
  • Conway Regional Medical Center, Inc. 

Participants involved in a joint venture are identified by the * next to their names on the participant list.

Arkansas Health Network Governing Body
  • Dr. Daniel Felton, Voting Member and Chair, Little Rock Family Practice 
  • Bob Sarkar, Non-Voting Member and President, Arkansas Health Network 
  • Dr. Michael Pollock, Voting Member, ACO Provider, Surgical Clinic PA (replacement in progress)
  • Dr. David Foster, Voting Member and CMO, Arkansas Health Network 
  • Dr. Harold Hedges, Voting Member and Medicare Beneficiary, Representative
  • Dr. Keith Cooper, Voting Member, ACO Provider, St. Vincent Medical Group 
  • Dr. Drew Kumpuris, Voting Member, ACO Provider, St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center
  • Dr. John Meadors, Voting Member, ACO Provider, Radiology Associates P.A.
  • Dr. Lisa Sajovitz, Voting Member, ACO Provider, St. Vincent Medical Group
  • Dr. Tony Johnson, Voting Member, Arkansas Pediatric Clinic
  • Dr. David Coussens, Voting Member, ACO Provider, Arkansas Urology, P.A.
  • Dr. Kyle Roper, Voting Member, ACO Provider, Mercy Clinic Hot Springs Communities

Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership

  • ACO Executive: Mr. Bob Sarkar
  • Chief Medical Officer: Dr. David Foster
  • Compliance Officer: Mr. Eddie Davis
  • Director of Operations: Ms. Rachel Kahn
  • Director of Care Management (Interim): Phyllis Romine


Arkansas Health Network Committees and Committee Leadership

  • Clinical Care Committee: Dr. Keith Cooper, Chair 
  • Network Development Committee: Dr. Michael Pollock, Chair 
  • Finance & Contracting Committee: Dr. David Coussens 
  • IT & Analytics Committee: Dr. John Meadors 


Identification of the Types of ACO Participants or Combinations of Participants that Formed the ACO:

  • Network of individual practices of ACO professionals
  • Hospital employing ACO professionals


Shared Savings and Losses 

Amount of Shared Savings and Losses

Performance Year 1 - Not in Operations

Performance Year 2014 - $1,913,524

How Shared Savings are Distributed

 Proportion Reinvested in Infrastructure – 30%

Proportion of Distribution to ACO Participants – 70%

Participant Hospitals – 14%

Primary Care Physicians – 39%

Specialty Care Physicians – 17%


Quality Performance Results



Resolutions of the Board of Managers
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