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For Employers

Arkansas Health Network and Arkansas Children’s Care Network are physician led, clinically integrated networks. We bring together an extensive network of providers dedicated to improving the health and well-being of employees while decreasing health plan costs.

Our integrated network of healthcare services provides holistic person-centered care Arkansas – including Little Rock, Conway, and Hot Springs. Our services are designed to support employers by positively impacting employee health, increasing productivity, and generating cost savings.

We align the interests of employers, providers, and employees through our innovative products and services. Our services and benefit plans are designed to encourage healthy lifestyles and address the unique needs of our customers.

We help employees and employers navigate the healthcare system by providing tools and resources and engaging them in programs and activities to help them achieve better health and well-being. 

Why Choose Us?

Proven expertise and experience delivering high quality and cost effective care to employees.

Partnership experience with self-funded employers, commercial payors, and government payors including Medicare and Medicaid.

Collaboration with providers to share timely information and monitor performance, resulting in lower costs.

Educational programs and resources to assist employees with managing their care

Progressive care management and benefit design that incentivizes a healthy lifestyle

Multidisciplinary approach with a team of specialized Care Managers, Practice Coaches, Social Workers, and Analysts dedicated to keeping employees healthy

Advanced analytical software to identify high risk patients, detect gaps in care, and enable proactive team-based care management and health coaching.

Available Services Include:

Medical Spend Management

Direct Contracting

Episodes of Care

Disease Management

Total Spend Management

Provider Network Access

Workplace Care

Staff/On-Site/Near-Site Clinics

On-Site Pharmacy

Occupational Health

Worker’s Comp Clinical Services

Physical Therapy

Employee Wellbeing Services

Biometric Screenings

Health Risk Assessment

Wellbeing Portal

Wellbeing / Lifestyle Coaching

Executive Health

Medical Spend Management

Benefits Design

Insurance Comparison / Selection

Management Training/ Incentives

Health Education Services


We thank Arkansas Health Network for their engagement and partnership with CHI St. Vincent over the last five years. Since they began working with our health plan membership in 2015 we have seen very tangible improvements including a 86% increase in employee participation in the company wellness program. Furthermore, we’ve been able to keep our employee premium increases below the industry standard thanks to the cost efficiency and quality improvements we’ve seen for our health plan. The Arkansas Health Network team is very responsive to both our management team and our coworkers alike. We appreciate that they’ve been quick to address our network needs and work with our coworkers face-to-face at events such as our annual Benefits Fair. We hear often that our coworkers are able to develop great relationships with the AHN health coaches and benefit physically and mentally from the extensive knowledge and experience they bring. We look forward to also collaborating with AHN’s partner, Arkansas Children’s Care Network, in the near future. We’re confident they will bring the same level of innovation and success in managing the children on our health plan.

Aaron Austin, Market Vice President, Human Resources, CHI St. Vincent

We have built a great relationship with Arkansas Health Network (AHN) in the last year and consider them our key partner as we continue to grow and deliver on our mission. We view their dual high-touch and high-tech coordinated care delivery model as quite flexible and customer-friendly. We also think this innovative approach will provide us the visibility we need to see the greatest improvements or opportunities for the Conway Regional Employee Benefit Plan. AHN’s Coreo platform brings together a powerful analytics platform and integrated team-based care coordination capabilities and will deliver key insights on a better and more holistic experience to our health plan subscribers. AHN is bringing an integrated and refreshing perspective to population health which will undoubtedly have a big impact here in Conway Regional

Richard Tyler, JD, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Conway Regional Medical Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Arkansas Health Network (AHN) and Arkansas Children's Care Network (ACCN)?

Arkansas Health Network (AHN) and Arkansas Children’s Care Network (ACCN) are both provider-led, health system sponsored, Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) based in Arkansas. Together, they have a combined network of over 2200 providers across the state of Arkansas, representing comprehensive primary and specialty care for both adult and pediatric patients. The network also consists of several major hospital facilities in Arkansas – CHI St. Vincent Infirmary, CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs, CHI St. Vincent North, CHI St. Vincent Morrilton, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Arkansas Children’s Northwest, and Conway Regional Medical Center.

Arkansas Health Network was established by CHI St. Vincent in 2013. Arkansas Children’s Care Network (ACCN) was established by Arkansas Children’s in 2017.

Why are ACCN and AHN partnering on this population health coordinated care delivery model?

AHN and ACCN have a shared vision to create the first provider-led, population health coordinated care delivery model offering for health plans in the Arkansas market. They determined there is a need among self-insured employers in the market to implement new, innovative models of care in order to improve the quality and cost efficiency of their health plans.

AHN and ACCN together bring a portfolio of expertise and capabilities perfectly suited to help employers achieve these desired results. These core competencies include: a high-performing provider-led network, multidisciplinary care management team, advanced data and analytics, and innovative benefit plan designs. Together, AHN and ACCN can provide comprehensive coordinated care to the whole family through their focused expertise on adult and pediatric care, respectively.

Have AHN & ACCN formed an insurance company?

No, AHN and ACCN have not formed an insurance company. They remain two independent Clinically Integrated Networks and are not offering a complete health plan to employers. AHN and ACCN have formed a health plan offering which allows self-insured employers to take advantage of their combined strengths and resources. Employers will have access to their combined network of providers across the state, adult focused care management team (through AHN), and a pediatric focused care management team (through ACCN). AHN and ACCN will work together to achieve maximum results for employers using their respective resources based upon the specific needs of the population.

How do I know which doctors are in the network?

During the discovery process, AHN and ACCN will work with the employer and TPA to figure out the best way to make this roster available to employers and their health plan members. Typically the roster will be posted either on a TPA, employer, or the AHN/ACCN website.

What does it mean for employees if their doctors are not in the network?

This will depend on the employer’s benefit plan design, which is flexible when working with AHN and ACCN. The recommended, innovative model for benefit design creates three network tiers. Tier 1 includes AHN and ACCN participating providers and facilities. Tier 2 includes other providers credentialed by the chosen TPA. Tier 3 is out-of-network providers. Employees would have an option to see providers in any of the three tiers at any time, but will have fewest out of pocket costs when accessing Tier 1 providers in the AHN and ACCN’s high performing networks.

How will this be different than what employers provide today for their employees?

The key benefits to an organization’s employees include:

Improved patient access to healthcare services

Strengthened preventive care, disease management, and lifestyle techniques

Reduced out-of-pocket costs

Enhanced health outcomes

Healthier employees

Employers reap benefits as well, including cost management through the integration of nurse care managers and improved case management protocols, tailored plan specifications to meet the company’s unique needs, and promotion of a healthier workforce.

For additional information, please contact:

Tiffani Butler, Network Development Specialist, 501-442-5523, [email protected]