CHI. St Vincent Co-Workers

The health care industry is continuously evolving. This transformation of health care nationally is providing CHI St. Vincent the opportunity to develop groundbreaking ways to manage the health of populations (verses individuals) different than we have ever done so before.

One of the innovative opportunities invested in across CHI and the country is the creation of clinically integrated networks (CIN). A CIN is a group of local providers that are collaborating and coordinating care through shared clinical information and common goals to improve the health of their patients and community. This type of approach toward health care shifts the focus from reactive sick care to proactive preventive well care.

In partnership with integrated and non-integrated physicians, CHI St. Vincent has formed Arkansas Health Network (AHN) as our CIN serving central Arkansas. AHN is made up of over 2,095 providers, including primary care and specialty physicians, ancillary services and all of the CHI St. Vincent providers and locations. Arkansas Health Network was created to focus on improving the health of defined health care populations. Currently, AHN is managing over 95,000 patients including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial populations with Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, QualChoice, CoreSource, and others.

Additionally, the CHI St. Vincent Medical Plan has evolved to incorporate AHN as a tool to assist in the overall health management of the CHI St. Vincent employees and dependents. As a result, in the future when you utilize AHN for your health needs, you act as the voice of the consumer for this new type of network.